To China via Norway and Mexico at Epcot

A ride on the monorail from Magic Kingdom to Epcot was a new experience for us and we loved the aerial views of the park. We made our way to World Showcase again starting today with the first in the line-up of countries around the lagoon – Mexico. The pavilion here is a huge pyramid, dim […]

2 mins read

A Stroll Over Brooklyn Bridge

As iconic a symbol of NYC as the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge is, I think, the most magnificent of the bridges across the East River linking Manhattan to Brooklyn. Having always wanted to walk across it, this trip we managed to tick that one off. An early start on a frosty morning, we took […]

2 mins read

Another Day At World Showcase

Another day at Epcot World Showcase and another selection of countries to visit – we decided to opt for France first of all. Strolling across the Pont des Arts footbridge with the Eiffel Tower in the background, it did feel a little like the waterfront of the Seine with flower carts and artists around. The […]

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Innoventions and Dinosaurs at EPCOT

Strolling past Spaceship Earth we were suddenly aware of a booming noise, good timing, our arrival coincided with some fountains leaping into action. A cool thing to watch, 300,000 gallons of water every minute cascade over the sides of the fountain. Apparently this happens every 15 minutes, we only got to see it once but a […]

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EPCOT – The Seas and Soarin’

Our second day at EPCOT started at The Seas. Last time we came here Son was in a stroller, he was mesmerized by the oversized reef at the front of the building and the pesky seagulls shouting – straight out of Nemo. Some things never change….. We saw Mr Ray, Crush and Nemo all outside […]

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