Evening Time in Bruges

One of our favourite things to do, wherever we go, is to stroll around in the evenings and after dark. No exception to that in Bruges, night-time was (almost) the best time for me. The day-tripper tourists had all gone, the streets were empty and exploring was such a pleasure.

Markt, the main square still bustled and its bars and restaurants were buzzing but less crowded than during the day. The surrounding streets though were so quiet and calm, we walked miles it seemed each evening along the deserted cobblestones.

A warmth and special glow descends over the city, it is beautifully lit but the evening sun also casts a special glow over all those fairytale buildings.

The canals were quiet too, boat traffic had ceased and the swans had the water to themselves.

Some of my favourite memories of Bruges are wandering and enjoying the evening tranquility. A magical time to explore this magical city.

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