Exploring Eze

We approached Eze driving along the Moyenne Corniche. What a gorgeous place – we’d seen plenty of villages and vistas that fitted that description on this trip but Eze was right up there with the best of them. Spectacular from the first glimpse it sits on a rocky outcrop at 1,300 feet above the sparkling Mediterranean. You just couldn’t not be wowed by Eze. Once designed for military defence, now the tourists have invaded this scrupulously restored medieval town.

This is the highest of Provencal’s perched villages and I think one of the most beautiful. The downside though to all those good looks is that Eze is packed with people, day in and day out and just about all the time.

Finding a parking spot in the one car park at the entrance to the pedestranised  village was our first challenge. Nightmare would be the correct word, this process involved driving around and around then pouncing when a spot became available. We missed out on several – too wimpish – but Husband soon learnt the ropes and realised it was survival of the fittest here. Our spot was hotly contested by three other drivers but we did it. A relief he was driving and not me – we’d probably still be looking.

A steep hike up to the village, it spirals upwards and works out your leg muscles before you even reach the entrance. Eyes on the church on the hill ahead of us we soon entered the narrow, paved streets of the historic centre. Crowded for sure but so lovely there are no end of streets and alleys to explore and a beautiful courtyard and picturesque house around every corner.

Loads of artisans and antique shops catering for the masses of tourists, I loved how their wares spilled out into the little streets.

The whole village is hilly and winds ever upwards. Built entirely out of rock the houses literally spring from the rocks – we loved that.

We made our way right to the top and had a look inside the lovely church.

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