Old Cannes

Cannes is now known as a city of festivals, glitz and glamour, an exclusive seaside resort full of yachts belonging to the rich and famous. All true, the once small fishing village though is incredibly family friendly and there are accommodation alternatives to suit all types of budgets. We saw plenty of bronzing bodies in the sand, luxury hotels, designer shops and Michelin starred restaurants but also a host of other tamer city charms.

I loved it as we climbed the medieval slopes of the old town. The narrow and winding streets are just gorgeous, packed closely together and filled with restaurants.

The lanes are cobbled and there are zigzagging stairways everywhere.

The houses have wonderfully pastel and faded facades and you really see the heart of Cannes here – you can imagine this place before the filthy rich arrived.

Cannes was once a small fishing village concentrated in this area. Apparently Le Suquet still has its own dialect and although it is undeniably touristy, it is still charming and exceptionally quaint.

We trundled right to the top in the train to the clock tower and the ruins of Castre Castle – the 11th century citadel built by Lenin’s monks

Up here there is a breath-taking view of the Bay of Cannes, the harbour below and the streets of the city.

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