The Gorgeous Gardens of Eze

Climbing to the very top of the village of Eze involves plenty of steps and a bit of sweating, huffing and puffing thrown in for good measure. It is most definitely worth it. The streets and alleyways are lovely but right at the peak is the piece de resistance – the Jardin Exotique or Botanical Garden. This is something special.

I hadn’t done any research and had no idea of what to expect. It cost around 6 Euro to go inside, I have to say, even if you have no interest in gardens the admission fee is worth it for the views alone. This is the only place in Eze where you can see down over the village rooftops to the sea and coast. A most spectacular panorama and unmissable.

The gardens are pretty extraordinary too. They seem to hang off the side of a cliff, are created in the ruins of a medieval castle and are packed full with impressive cacti and succulents from around the world. A micro climate here means all these fascinating plants thrive.

The cacti were impressive, a huge collection of all shapes and sizes.

The paths are narrow, we found plenty of people in the garden but if you look there are also lots of quiet spots for sitting and chilling. We discovered a place towards the bottom with wooden seats, fountains and statues and more importantly shade from the sun. This was the perfect place to chill for a while, not too long though, those seats were not the most comfortable.

Refreshed and re-energised we climbed right to the very top and discovered the castle ruins and belvedere. More great views, an unforgettable place, an Eze must-see I am so glad we didn’t skip this out.

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