Porec and its Basilica

Porec is just 40 minutes by car from Rovinj.  An easy drive, very well sign-posted and definitely worth it to see this lovely Roman town which juts out into the blue Adriatic.  We found a parking space close to the centre and set off to explore. Porec is probably the most popular resort in Istria. […]

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Exploring Staithes

We could not have picked a more perfect base for our Yorkshire explorations than the sleepy, quaint and utterly gorgeous village of Staithes. It was a lucky coincidence the cottage that most suited our (last minute) needs happened to be here. Staithes was never on my radar of places to visit, I’m glad we inadvertently […]

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Lapland – Useful Stuff

We stayed a week in Finnish Lapland, having been twice before skiing and then visiting with a young child, we amassed a few tips and hints which I thought apt to pass on, maybe helpful to someone else preparing a holiday in this winter wonderland. First up, sounds obvious but could never be stressed enough […]

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Ferry Across The Mersey

We took a trip to Liverpool on a gloriously mild early autumn day. a treat we decided to take the famous ferry across the Mersey. The River Mersey is so iconic, played a huge part in shaping the character and fortunes of this great city and a trip on the ferry is the perfect way […]

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Driving The Grande Corniche

After Eze we got back on the Moyenne Corniche and followed the road all the way to Menton on the Italian border. It looked like a pretty little place but we opted not to stop again quite so soon and sought out signs for the Grande Corniche. Not so easy to find. After a false […]

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Exploring Eze

We approached Eze driving along the Moyenne Corniche. What a gorgeous place – we’d seen plenty of villages and vistas that fitted that description on this trip but Eze was right up there with the best of them. Spectacular from the first glimpse it sits on a rocky outcrop at 1,300 feet above the sparkling […]

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Hopping On And Off Around Nice

Nice, the largest city on this stretch of coast and known as “The Queen of the Riviera” is the 5th largest city in France. Having been before and done all my pre-trip research I was well aware of its reputation for superb culture, shopping, eating and drinking mixed with crime, graffiti and horrendous traffic. I […]

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A Stroll Over Brooklyn Bridge

As iconic a symbol of NYC as the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge is, I think, the most magnificent of the bridges across the East River linking Manhattan to Brooklyn. Having always wanted to walk across it, this trip we managed to tick that one off. An early start on a frosty morning, we took […]

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Evening Time in Bruges

One of our favourite things to do, wherever we go, is to stroll around in the evenings and after dark. No exception to that in Bruges, night-time was (almost) the best time for me. The day-tripper tourists had all gone, the streets were empty and exploring was such a pleasure. Markt, the main square still […]

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Up Close And Personal With The Manneken Pis

“Tourist trap”, “over-hyped and over gawped at statue”, “not worth it – one of the top ten things to avoid”, all stuff I read about the Manneken Pis pre-trip. However we couldn’t go to Brussels and not seek him out. As it happens this little guy (along with waffles and chocolate) was one of Son’s Belgium highlights. […]

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